Currently serving on City Council | Northwest Ward

Experienced & Proven Leader

“I will continue to be proactive in finding practical solutions to the problems
that affect the citizens of Winston-Salem.”


  • Three years on city council working as your advocate
  • Over 20 years working toward solutions to ensure healthy neighborhoods
  • Small-business owner, past neighborhood association president, Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership, Business 40 Planning Task Force


  • Relentless advocate for neighborhoods in zoning cases
  • Implemented Northwest Ward newsletter to better inform citizens
  • Provides easy access and quick responses to citizen inquiries
  • Participated in hundreds of community building events


  • Improved pay for police and fire officers to retain experienced members
  • Worked closely with police to successfully reduce crime throughout the ward
  • Developed new greenways, bike paths and sidewalks
  • Supported passing of $139 million bond issue for parks, economic development and infrastructure
  • Increased city efficiencies through tech initiatives
  • Supported job growth by creating a positive economic environment

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