City Council Committees

Elected in 2013 Jeff has served the Public Safety Committee and the Community Development/Housing/General Government committees.


Public Safety

The Public Safety committee is responsible for setting policy for the Police, Fire and Emergency Management departments for the City of Winston Salem.

Notable changes in the last three years are:


Community Oriented Policing Services

This means that we expect our officers to spend more time in the “beats” that they patrol and less time in the Public Safety Center. To accomplish this we are building three police substations (one in each district) so that officers are operating out of the neighborhoods they are working in. The other aspect of COPS is that officers are becoming more engaged in the community; they are developing trust among residents and are learning to spot things that aren’t “normal” for the area. This has proven successful.


Police-worn Body Cameras

Winston was one of the first Police Forces in the state to roll them out to all of our on-duty officers. There is still much debate surrounding the use of these cameras and we, as a council, have been directly involved in these discussions.

Closed Circuit TVs Downtown

We decided to install Closed Circuit TV cameras in our downtown, as a pilot program, to test their efficiency and decide if we want to deploy them on a larger scale. We are waiting for Duke Energy to sign off on us installing them on their poles to get the program started.

Community Development/Housing/General Government

This committee is by design a catch-all committee but what we deal with more than anything is the demolition of housing that doesn’t meet minimum housing standards. This is a very frustrating process to me because the only tool we have to “fix” the problem of blighted housing is demolition. As someone who has done a great deal of preservation work in the community it pains me to tear down houses that are savable. We are losing the architectural fabric that makes us unique in the state as well as losing affordable housing. We end up with vacant lots are now encumbered by a lien for the cost of the teardown and we also have more material in the landfill. Neighbors shouldn’t have to put up with crumbling houses but therehas to be a better solution. Its complicated but we are working on it. My experience in the Holly Ave, West Salem, Boston/Thurmond and Sunnyside Neighborhoods has me convinced that we can create a model that meets the needs of the neighborhoods as well as preserving our building stock.

Community Involvement

  • Public Safety Committee
  • Community Development/ Housing/ General Government Committee
  • Children’s Museum/SciWorks Board Selection Committee
  • Member: Downtown Winston Salem Partnership Executive Committee
  • Member: Business 40 Task Force
  • Member: Peter’s Creek Community Initiative
  • Mayor’s Select Capital Needs Committee
  • Mayor’s Select Development Review-Related Advisory Committee
  • Member: Downtown Winston Salem Partnership 2012 Downtown Plan Update
  • Realtors Commercial Alliance Board of Directors
  • Team leader: Block by Block,Winston-Salem Sustainability Resource Center
  • WSRAR Cultural Diversity Committee
  • WSRAR Community Service Committee
  • Board Member: Preserve Historic Forsyth (non-profit)
  • Board Member: The Living Room (non-profit)
  • Mount Tabor Capital Campaign (baseball stadium improvements)
  • Volunteer: Samaritan Soup Kitchen (15 years)
  • Joint ventured with Habitat for Humanity/City of Winston Salem to restore historic structures in North Cherry Historic District
  • Winner: Downtown Excellence Award 2006
  • Nominated by Historic Resources Commission for three separate restoration projects 2006, 2008, 2011
  • 30+ years of sales and negotiating experience
  • Speaker: Use of Preservation Tax Credits (6 separate occasions)
  • Speaker: Salem College, Historic Preservation Career Panel 2010, 2011
  • President: Holly Ave Neighborhood Assoc 1983-1992